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Download Film Room in rome 2010 Gratis

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Download Film Room in rome 2010 Gratis
R E V I E W [English]

Early summer. A hotel room in the heart of Rome. Two young women who have only just met travel together on an intimate, passionate physical journey that will mark their bodies and souls deeply. The story unfolds over twelve hours, through the night and into the early morning, before each woman departs, Alba to Spain, and Natasha to Russia. The room seems always to have been waiting for them. Its ancient walls exudes a magical atmosphere heavy with sensuality and ripe with endless erotic possibilities. As Alba and Natasha enter into the unknown, intense new feelings are awakened, and a natural understanding between them grows,giving rise to comic as well as powerfully intimate moments, before the unexpected arrival of love pierces them. At first they hide, cautious, protecting themselves. Slowly they allow themselves to be borne away, each into the unknown terrain of the other, yet never abandoning the honest love felt for their respective partners - in Alba?s case, a mother of two, in Natasha's, the man she is due to marry in one week... Until at last both find themselves transfixed before a completely new truth, a shared abyss, a secret kept in a hotel room in Rome. A true freedom to do whatever they most fervently desire.

Date Released : 7 May 2010
Quality : DVDRip
Info :www.imdb.com/title/tt1263750
Starring : Elena Anaya, Natasha Yarovenko and Enrico Lo Verso
Genre : Drama

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